Our mission is to obtain a final product of excellent quality, stable and safe for the patient. For this reason, we work on the design and optimization of cultivation techniques in hydroponics and aeroponics according to the variety to be cultivated, taking into account the concentration of metabolites that are intended to be obtained in the final product.

We develop our own technology for monitoring and automation in cultivation for industrial application in order to normalize the cultivation parameters to obtain a standardized product.

Our crops are intended for medicinal purposes, and are therefore free of pesticides and other chemicals. For this reason, we are working on an R&D line for the development of our own pest biocontrol plan.

Safety must not only be present in the methodology used from cultivation to laboratory processes, but also through a traceability plan from the origin of each plant individually to obtaining each unit of final product. We carry out tasks of inclusion and development of Blockchain data structures for this purpose.

We are waiting to obtain a cultivation license to validate some of the cultivation work lines.



We are waiting to obtain a cultivation license to carry out a genetic improvement program to obtain and register new strains of Cannabis sativa for medicinal use.



Our goal is to obtain new products from Cannabis according to the patient’s pathology. Therefore, we carry out different R&D lines:

Study of the biological effects of the compounds present in the final product as well as the study of the combined effect between different compounds and/or concentrations to determine the optimal proportion for medicinal use on different genetic models.
Study of the effect of the compounds of the final product on tumor cells and determination of epigenetic patterns in broad genomic regions for the design of new strains for therapeutic use.
Study of the activities of cytotoxicity, neuroprotection, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, on metabolism and angiogenesis in cell culture, validating interactions between cannabioniodes and other metabolites in order to define future varieties according to the therapeutic purpose for which they are intended.

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